Bringing drones down: New DroneDefender rifle uses radio waves to disable UAVs

Home Drone Warfare Bringing drones down: New DroneDefender rifle uses radio waves to disable UAVs
Published on October 17, 2015

COLUMBUS, OHIO —Ohio-based Battelle Memorial Institute, a private non-profit group, has announced the development of an anti-drone weapon designed for safe civilian use.

The DroneDefender is a shoulder-mounted, rechargeable rifle-like weapon that takes drones, or UAVs, offline with a blast of radio waves.

The Drone Defender weighs 4.5 kilos, or 10 pounds, and can target a drone up to 400 meters, or over 1300 feet away. The rifle fires waves of electromagnetic energy tuned to common GPS and ISM frequencies, disabling the UAV by blocking it from receiving commands.

Radio waves from a DroneDefender should activate the disabled drone’s safety protocol, making it hover, land or return to its point of origin.

Battelle says the defender could be used to protect prisons, schools or historical sites and of course has military and law enforcement applications as well. No information on the price of the DroneDefender has yet been released, but the device is expected to go on sale in 2016.


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