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Published on April 9, 2015

Big thanks to liftrc.com for keeping me in the air. All footage is in real time frame- mxp230 elite v2 motors- cobra 2300 kv soon supplied by http://www.liftrc.com esc-http://www.liftrc.com/Electronics/Speed_Controllers/KISS_ESC_18A fc- http://www.liftrc.com/Naze32-Acro?search=naze32 props- http://www.liftrc.com/Propellers/HQProp/HQProp-5×4-CCW-Propeller-Pair-Black-5040 controller tx and rx- http://www.liftrc.com/FrSky-Taranis-X9D+?search=taranis http://www.liftrc.com/FrSky-D4R-II-ACCST-Receiver video tx and rx- http://www.liftrc.com/FPV/Video_Receivers/FatShark-5.8GHz-Receiver-Module-for-Dominators http://www.liftrc.com/FPV/Video_Transmitters/ImmersionRC-5.8GHz-600mW goggles- http://www.liftrc.com/FPV/Goggles/FatShark-Dominator-V2 fpv camera- Fat Shark pilot cam 700 ccd Gopro Hero 3 black edition Oneshot and cleanflight roll- P 4.1, I .037, D 44 pitch- P 4.4, I .044, D 49 yaw- P 8.5, I .047, D 12 roll pitch rate- .66 yaw rate- .62 tpa- .30 rcrate -120 expo- .65 pid controller = 0 looptime- 1500

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