Drone racing emerges as a new sport in Korea

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Published on December 28, 2015

드론 레이싱
How much do you know about drones?
The uses of drones, or unmanned aircraft, are becoming more and more prevalent in everyday life, from making movies and delivering purchases to even as crucial tools in search and rescue operations.
Well today, it′s all about the fun a racing competition just for drones.
Today′s News Feature Drone Racing: a rising sport in Korea
High up in the sky, inching closer to the finish line every second… are drones.
When a drone safely passes through obstacles barely avoiding what could have been an inevitable crash, spectators simply can′t help but to contemplate in awe.
The vivid thrill of flying these machines has inspired a new trend that’s gaining widespread popularity by the day: drone racing.

″It was very lively. I found it amazing how quickly the racers can fly their drones on such a short track.″

″I think drone racing is spiritually healing because I can feel like a bird flying freely in the skies.″
Drones, in 2015, have already become a global hit.
It′s basically an unmanned aircraft with a remote control.
Prototype drones were first developed for military purposes in the early 2000s, but recently drones have taken civilian industries by storm.
They can be equipped with many attachable devices, including cameras, sensors, and even communication systems.
America′s biggest online retailer Amazon unveiled its 30-minute drone delivery plans.. which have been in preparation from as early as 2013.
Drones are also useful in emergency situations.
The global drone market is predicted to grow to over 11-point-four billion U.S. dollars by 2022, more than a two-fold jump from 2010.

″The commercialization of drones represents an industrial revolution in the skies. The growth is so explosive that in 10 years, it′ll be a 86 billion dollar business with 200-thousand jobs created.″
Research into drones has been speeding up in Korea as well, currently 7th in the world for drone technology.
As of now, drones are only used to spray pesticides, or film movies with aerial cameras.
But this year, a new domestic technology of a drone mounted with a portable telecommunications station was developed.
The new gadget will allow drones to be put into search and rescue work in disaster zones and test runs are scheduled to begin next year.
The domestic market for drones as a hobby is also catching on.
In fact, a new sport of drone racing has become the hottest trend these days.
KT′s ″GiGA Drone Racing″, Korea′s biggest competition of its sort, was held last Sunday at a shopping complex in Seoul… with 24 top players competing.

″Since last year, drone racing has experienced a boom around the world. There are even countries, including Australia and Israel, that have drone racing leagues.″
Cameras set on the drones film what′s in front of the aircraft… and show it live on the racers′ smart goggles.
Players can experience what flying in virtual reality i

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