Product Review: SKYPAK – The FPV Backpack

Home Accessories Product Review: SKYPAK – The FPV Backpack
Published on December 17, 2015

The days of having to dismantle your multirotor/drone/quadcopter when going to your flying spot are gone. This bag is designed to carry everything safely and secure so you don’t arrive with damaged goods.The compartments have been reinforced in specific areas on the sides and top to prevent collapse or crushing which has been tested found to hold up to 160lbs with no issues.Features:– Large to hold up to 450 size multirotor frames– Professional quality materials– Extremely water resistant with protective cover– Locking Zippers to prevent anybody from getting into the bagI have had the pleasure of using this pack for the last month or so and it has become my “daily commuter” – carrying all my gear everywhere I go. Check out my review for more information and see if the SKYPAK is right for you!Price: ON SALE! $199 – $225. Skypak currently ships with all accessories to get started: Top compartment supports- Bottom compartment dividers- Rain Cover- Telescoping boom- Tripod Support Legs and Tripod Fitting

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