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Published on December 10, 2015

My big BB-8 Toy Unboxing, demo and comparison. Toys in this video are:

Inflatable BB-8: http://www.bladeztoyz.co.uk/17297/PD/Toys-All-Products-Jumbo-inflatable-R-C-BB-8/
Inflatable R/C R2-D2: http://goo.gl/pMlNjP
Hasbro BB-8: http://goo.gl/cxVjpZ
Disney Store BB-8: http://goo.gl/7TtxER
Sphero BB-8: http://goo.gl/Yk12Ow
Vinyl Pop BB-8: http://goo.gl/9wgd1V

Links about Sphero, Disney, & how the stage & movie BB-8s were really built at Pinewood:

Sphero Wasn’t Actually Behind the BB-8


Sphero have also built a ‘life sized BB-8’ that has been on display in Sydney, but it cannot move and the article quotes the Sphero CEO as saying – “The creature shop built the props, and they built the ones that move around…”

BB-8 lands ahead of Star Wars The Force Awakens

Info on the Sphero toy stating “Sphero isn’t involved with the creation of the larger versions of the droid you may have seen at events and may come to Disney’s theme parks…”


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