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Published on August 2, 2015

This drone is a worthy upgrade to the WLToys V303 Seeker, with double the range (1000m), and double the flight time (30 min.). Yet it’s currently only about $20 more than its predecessor. You can find it here http://shrsl.com/?~9f1f

The X380 is very similar to the V303, with mostly the same components, except the battery, and “possibly” the GPS system. Its GPS seems greatly improved over the V303, with MUCH faster lock-on (seconds X380, vice minutes of the V303). Main flight capabilities include GPS or altitude hold flight (if no GPS lock), along with headless mode (heading lock), and return to landing capability.

Improvement in flight time is achieved through inclusion of a battery with twice the power (5400mah) of the original 2700mah V303 battery. The battery bay of the X380 has been lowered to accommodate this larger battery. The landing gear legs have also been increased in length. However, even with these longer legs, the available clearance beneath the quadcopter is unchanged from the V303 (about 105mm for both).

Improvement in range may have been achieved by increasing the battery power of the transmitter. The X380 transmitter uses six AA batteries, vice four of the original V303. It also includes a new capability of one button takeoff and landing. By pressing this button, the quadcopter automatically starts and achieves 5 foot hover. The button can also be used for automatic landing. This button is more for emergency use though, as it does NOT return to home when this button is pressed. Pressing it again while in flight will cause the quadcopter to land immediately beneath its current position.

Overall Quadcopter 101 assessment, I like it. Thumbs up! 🙂

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