Introducing OFM Swift TR260 V2 Tilt Rotor FPV Racing Quadcopter

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Published on October 11, 2015

Introducing OFM Swift TR260 V2 Tilt Rotor FPV Racing Quadcopter. We have done some major overhaul of this quadcopter. We are now bringing you, better, faster, sexier, higher quality and easier to assemble and fly Race legal, Tilt Rotor FPV Pod Racing Quadcopter, The OFM Swift TR260 V2 version. Check out the unofficial a closer look and test flight video that we are leaking for you. Major changes that we have carefully considered and finalized are: 1. New molded motor mounts to fit various brand Motors. Sleek and Tough. 2. All Cables are run from inside the motor mounts and arm tubes. Totally neat and clean setup and Aggressive Sexy Looks. 3. New OneShot ESCs. Better Throttle and Motor Speed Control for even better performance. 4. New and totally re-designed aerodynamic Canopy with quality Decals. Two colors will be available. Green and Blue. 5. Improved and rigid screw set. less screws to go with now. Less stuff to assemble 6. Improved Frame Plates design. 7. Built in Power distribution board in upper frame plate for easy ESCs and other electronics soldering. 8. New Arm Blocks with concealed quality Bearings for smooth tilting movements reducing the load on servo during in flight tilting mix commands. 9. Better design for Various FPV Systems, Mobius and other Cameras mounting. Enjoy the test flight video. We will release prices and where to order info of our dealers soon. For more details Check our site Enjoy the video and don’t forget to like and subscribe. Subscribe to and Find us on Twitter: Facebook: Google Plus: Highly Customized Aerial filming and Aerial Surveillance Solutions Production music courtesy of Epidemic Sound Comments and feedback welcome at , and

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