Best Quadcopter – UDI U818A [Drone With HD Camera] | A Great Review You Should See

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Published on February 4, 2016

Best Quadcopter – UDI U818A [Drone With HD Camera]

Minimal is the word that springs to mind for the design of the UDI U818A. There really isn’t a lot there. The frame (which also surrounds and protects the rotors) is made of light, thin plastic, with the electronics fitted in a small cavity underneath the center.

The small, 500mAh battery slides tightly into a holder on the bottom of this, to which the camera is also attached. The camera is small, a flat lozenge-shaped lump that connects to the body by power wires. The microUSB card that stores the video and still images fits into one side.

The rotors of the UDI U818A are similarly minimal, 5.25 inches in diameter and made of the same, light plastic. Most low-end drone with camera use friction to attach the rotors to the motor shaft, but this one uses a small screw to lock them in place. This makes them less likely to pop off, but also makes them harder to replace. A small screwdriver, for this purpose is included, along with a spare set of rotors.

A number of LED lights are placed around the frame of the quadcopter with camera, including two white LED strips under the center, blue and red lights on the motors (indicating front and back, respectively) and a single white forward-facing LED.

This best quadcopter comes with a short printed manual, but the poor English translation makes this mostly useless, with descriptions like “four direction rolling mold on-off” for the stunt button and warnings such as “enough room is need for this motion, or danger may occur” about the stunt mode.

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